Figyelő: NAV employees leaving in droves

July 23, 2015


Employees are leaving Hungary’s tax authority (NAV) in droves, reports Hungarian news weekly Figyelő. In many cases NAV employees make HUF 70,000-160,000 a month less than those working at other state agencies.

Ildikó Vida’s resignation as head of NAV may only be the tip of the iceberg with respect to its woes. Figyelő obtained a copy of a report prepared by the tax authority for the Ministry of National Economy that details NAV’s serious lack of human resources and poor pay model.

The problem is worst in Pest county and Budapest, which is responsible for collecting most of the country’s tax revenues, writes Figyelő.

The weekly business journal reports that people are quitting their jobs primarily due to poor pay. Apparently, NAV employees are not covered under the government’s new pay model for state agencies providing law enforcement services.

According to Figyelő, the earliest date by which NAV employees may see an increase in their salaries, assuming they are included in the new pay model, would be in January 2016.

Minister Overseeing the Office of the Prime Minister János Lázár has hinted on several occasions that significant structural changes are coming to the tax authority. These changes, he has said, may come as soon as this year.