Foreign Ministry asks Hungarians traveling to European countries to register themselves on consulate website

July 31, 2017

Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says security in Europe is the worst it’s been in decades, and has requested all Hungarians travelling abroad to use special caution – and to register themselves on the website of the Hungarian consulate.

“Radical ideas being spread in developed countries, mainly among immigrants, can be considered a relatively new development which can trigger the commission of acts of terrorism,” reads a statement by the Foreign Ministry, referring to a recent uptick in terrorist attacks in western European countries.

However, the ministry has not listed any European countries among the regions it considers dangerous on its official website.

“Those countries which are not listed are considered safe,” reads its statement. “The countries listed in the first category are absolutely not recommended by the [Foreign Ministry] for travel, while the countries in the second category come with increased security risk.”

A number of African countries appear in the first category of the ministry’s list, as well as some parts of the Middle East and Central Asia. The second category contains even more countries including most of South and Central America, and the only European country to appear anywhere on the list: Ukraine.

News site wrote to the Foreign Ministry requesting information regarding which European regions the ministry considers especially dangerous, and why those regions had not been listed on the ministry’s website. Index will update its article once it receives a response from the ministry.