Fot by-election marred by low voter turnout, finger pointing

November 25, 2013


Next year candidates for public office will be permitted to campaign on election day and transport voters to the polls. For the remainder of 2013, however, both activities remain illegal.

In September accusations leveled by the political opposition that Fidesz operatives had organized the systematic transportation of voters to the polls forced a new by-election to be held in Baja’s 32nd district.

Now it is Jobbik’s turn to accuse the political opposition of transporting voters to the polls.

A by-election was held in Fot (pop.19,000) yesterday following 18 September’s resignation of mayor Erzsébet Cserőtei (Fidesz). As in the case of other by elections this year voter participation was low:  29.1 per cent.

In Hungarian by-elections the candidate receiving the most votes wins regardless of turn-out.

According to preliminary data it appears MSZP/Together 2014 candidate István Takács won with 25 per cent of the votes.

Jobbik has contested the election results alleging that Takács’ wife transported voters to the polls in a minibus.

The local election committee has accepted Jobbik’s complaint and filed a complaint with county authorities alleging that violations on the prohibition of campaigning on the day of the election took place.

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