Gőgös: We lost Tapolca despite our best efforts

April 13, 2015


Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) deputy chairman Zoltán Gőgös appeared on ATV’s Start with Egon Ronai this morning to talk about MSZP’s big loss and Jobbik’s big win in the Tapolca by-election on Sunday.

“We did what we could in this campaign,” Gőgös said.  “We’ve never had such an intensive campaign. I think what we saw [in the Tapolca electoral district] was a situation where we didn’t have anything to say to the poorest settlements. We didn’t have a message like Jobbik, such as ‘If we’re elected, we’ll take land from whoever owns it now and make it possible for millions of people to live off of it’.”

Despite MSZP’s crushing defeat, he said “there is a mood for change because Fidesz has lost all three of the previous by-elections. Fidesz lost two of these three by-elections in strongly right-leaning electoral districts, in Vesprém and Tapolca.”

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A Jobbik nyert Tapolcán, ATV.hu; 13 April 2015