Gömöri and Deutsch skip parliamentary committee hearing

June 4, 2015


Hungary Paralympic Committee president Zsolt Gömöri (right) and vice-president Tamás Deutsch (left, who is also a Fidesz MEP) failed to appear before the Hungarian parliament’s cultural committee on Tuesday to testify on the scandal plaguing the Hungarian Paralympic Committee.

Committee chairperson Dóra Dúró (Jobbik) called Gömöri’s behavior “cowardly and unsportsmanlike”.

The questionable dealings of Hungarian Paralympic Committee executives and board members brought the organization into the public’s focus when news emerged that Gömöri was using the organization to fund his own lavish lifestyle even as paralympians struggled to make ends meet while trying to compete in the international games.  Hungarian prosecutors announced they were opening an investigation into Gömöri after the organization’s supervisory committee resigned rather than issue a report criticizing him.  Chancellor János Lázár has called for his resignation.

The parliament’s cultural committee wanted to question Deutsch and Gömöri about the scandal but the two declined to attend.

“As chairperson of this committee, I think Zsolt Gömöri’s actions are incredibly cowardly and unsportsmanlike,” said Dúró.

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