Gömöri resigns as president of Hungarian Paralympic Committee

June 17, 2015

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Zsolt Gömöri (far right) has resigned  as president of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee. According to a press release on the organization’s website, Gömöri quit “in the interest of creating unity” before a vote of confidence by the board scheduled for Friday.

He informed member organizations belonging to the Hungarian Paralympic Committee of his resignation in a letter sent on June 16.

In the letter Gömöri draws attention to what he called the “beautiful results” and “serious successes” the Hungarian Paralympic Committee achieved in recent years. He says his decision to resign is in the interest of preserving what the organization had achieved, and is meant to create peace within the organization for the purposes of its continued successful work.

Gömöri will be presenting a report summarizing the organization’s achievements and accomplishments to the Hungarian Paralympic Committee’s board on June 19.

The organization’s entire supervisory board resigned at the end of May when numerous scandals involving Gömöri’s compensation and use of Hungarian Paralympic Committee funds made news headlines. Hungarian prosecutors opened an investigation into him shortly after in early June.

The organization’s board will still meet on Friday to confirm a new supervisory board.

Rumour is that Gömöri will be replaced by Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch, who currently serves as vice-president.  When the scandal first broke earlier this year, Deutsch took credit for the decision to pay Gömöri a HUF 3 million grant for the purpose of paying off his FX mortgage loan.  Deutsch claims that the grant was lawful.  However, according to documents obtained by 444.hu, the money was wired to Gömöri’s private account instead of directly to his creditor as required by law.  Furthermore, it seems clear that Gömöri became an employee of the committee on January 27, 2012 just three days before the January 30 deadline for making grants of this kind.  According to 444.hu, the board approved Gömöri’s employment on January 27, 2012.  The employment documents were signed the same day and the money was wired to Gömöri’s private account the following day, reports the news portal.

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