Good-bye news, hello propaganda. A new pro-Fidesz media outlet is born!

February 16, 2016

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In vain did Gazdasági Rádio (Economic Radio) listeners tune their dials to 105.9 yesterday morning: the independent news broadcaster had gone off the air, its bid to renew its frequency having failed.

In its place: Karc FM, a new “community radio” station run by hard-core Fidesz supporter Ottó Gajdics.

The former CEO of HírTV and editor-in-chief of Magyar Nemzet–media outlets owned by construction and media mogul Lájos Simicska–broke with the former Fidesz oligarch after the latter’s spectacular falling out with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán last February. writes that Karc FM was not successful in its attempt to recruit personnel from Lánchíd Rádió, one of two commercial radio stations owned by Simicska.  The online daily notes, however, that the new pro-government media outlet managed to contract with Fidesz publicist Zsolt Bayer, whose vitriolic, nationalistic, xenophobic, anti-semitic rants frequently grace the pages of Magyar Hírlap, the pro-government newspaper owned by Fidesz oligarch Gábor Széles.