Government awards $2.9 million to Sándor Németh’s Faith Congregation

January 4, 2018

Government awards $2.9 million to Sándor Németh's Faith Congregation
Sándor Németh preaching | Photo:

The government has allocated HUF 758 million (USD 2.9 million) to Hit Gyülekezete (Faith Congregation) from the amount it allotted for church development at home and abroad in October 2017, according to the December 28 edition of the Hungarian Gazette, reports

HUF 394 million is to be used to build a conference center within Hit Park.

The other HUF 364 million was awarded to the Szent Pál Akadémia (Saint Paul Academy), a theological school founded by Faith Congregation head Sándor Németh, to build a library.

The development causes the daily online to speculate as to whether “this support was discussed at this time last year in the Nobu (restaurant) when Sándor Németh lunched with Andy Vajna and Árpad Habony (Fidesz media oligarchs-ed.).”

Nemeth’s church is the majority owner of “independent” broadcaster ATV. However, the channel’s independence has been called into question, which may have prompted the defection of popular evening talk-show hostess Olga Kálmán to HírTV.