Government decree provides for Klik to be reorganized into 59 educational district centers

June 11, 2016

By government decree the widely unpopular Klebelsberg Institution Maintenance Center (Klebelsberg Intézményfenntartó Központ) or Klik is to restructured as of January 1st, 2017.  Thereafter, it is to be known as the Klebelsberg Center (Klebelsberg Központ) consisting of 59 educational district centers, reports  Established over the course of the year, the new centers are to serve as the legal successor of the old Klik with regard to its rights and obligations in connection with the operation of Hungary’s public schools.

At that time everyone employed by Klik,including teachers, teaching assistants, economic, operation, and technical employees, as well as individuals involved in maintenance and operations, are to transfer to the appropriate educational district center.

According to the decree published in the June 1oth edition of the Hungarian National Gazette, the educational district centers are to function as “central mid-level organ of governance” responsible for fulfilling the state’s obligations their respective districts of responsibility responsible for ensuring the lawful and effective use of resources, educational district budgets, and personnel.  They are to submit annual budgets and recommendations to the minister responsible for education (in the case, Zoltán Balog, Minister for Human Resources), prepare and submit year end reports on how the budgets were used.

The following is our translation of the detailed summary of the responsibilities of the new educational district centers appearing in

Define the framework guidelines for operating the educational district centers, and organize, direct and inspect the educational district center’s operations. Set guidelines for the use of appropriations for the educational district centers, monitor the implementation of the budget, of the fulfillment of the duties to be performed.  When necessary submit recommendations to the minister responsible for education with regard to the reallocation of resources or misc. actions, keep continuous records of the district’s operations, especially with regard to appropriations and personnel.  Ensure compliance with applicable laws and their enforcement, and if necessary, propose to supplement the relevant regulations and clarifications to the governing body.

Approve the educational district organization and operating rules, obligatory internal professional rules (not including those required of public educational institutional by the law), as well as annual work plan pertaining to the activities of the operator.  Monitor public finances related to the public interest and the public interest to publish public data binding and implementation by the need to service the educational district centers.

Purchases are to be carried in a centralized manner according to asset management strategy and development plans it creates.  The centers are also to define the center’s informational strategy and communication activities.

The center is to provide professional guidance necessary to prepare training plans which ensure the uniform performance of its tasks.  It is also to collect the good practices employed by the educational district centers, and based on these make recommendations to the educational district centers (sic), and coordinate between the Klebelsberg Center and the districts a single status management system.

The center is to also oversee the operation of the Klebelsberrg Training Scholarship.

The decree declares that the centers are central budgetary organs led by educational district center directors.

Within 30 days of the decree coming into force, the minister responsible for public education (Zoltán Balog-ed.) is to create the educational district centers per the recommendations of the Klik president, conduct a search for directors, and name directors and economic directors of the educational district centers.  The minister responsible for education is to exercise the right to appoint, suspend, assign, or withdraw assignments through December 31st, 2016.  The president of Klik exercises miscellaneous employer’s powers with regard to district center directors and economic directors.