Government reallocates $50 million to new sports stadiums

August 10, 2017

Photo: András Péter Németh

Changes to Hungary’s budget will reallocate HUF 12.8 billion (USD 49.5 million) to construction and maintenance of stadiums and other sports facilities, reports based on data released in a Tuesday edition of the government’s official gazette.

Some HUF 3 billion of the reallocated money will come from Hungary’s emergency cash reserve, and the rest (around HUF 9.9 billion) from appropriations reserved for payments to the European Union.

Most of the funds (HUF 12.6 billion) will go toward “other accumulation expenditures” concerning the construction and maintenance of state and municipal sports facilities. HUF 86.7 million will go toward operating those facilities, HUF 93.2 million toward “other operating expenses” of the Hungarian Football Association, and HUF 59 million toward “activities connected to the implementation of sports development concepts.”