Government reallocates HUF 90 million of social aid to sports funding

July 5, 2017

Photo: Németh András Péter

The government will re-allocate HUF 90,315,000 (USD 332,900) of social aid from remnants of last year’s budget surplus to sports funding, according to a government resolution published in the Hungarian Gazette on Tuesday, reports Hungarian news site

Based on a chart attached to the resolution, the government will withdraw funding from “social and child protection sector allowance provided for social human services providers, and other wage-settlement related aid”, and re-allocate the sum to sports support.

According to the resolution, HUF 90 million will be spent on operative aid of competitive sports, and the remaining HUF 315,000 on treasury and transaction duty fees. Based on the resolution, Minster for National Economy Mihály Varga must execute the reallocation with immediate effect.