Government reneges on promise to give public healthcare workers a raise

February 6, 2016


Hungarian news site reports the country’s public healthcare workers have not received the wage raises they were promised by the government back in December 2015. Members of the “1001 Doctors without gratitude money” Facebook group claims the government did not deliver on its promise to raise the minimum net monthly wage of physicians to HUF 270,000 (USD 970).

The Facebook group issued the following statement:

“Hungarian physicians received their pay this month only to find that nothing has changed. Educated Hungarian physicians make less than half of what their colleagues in Slovakia earn.  Our hourly rate is slightly more than HUF 1000 (USD 3.60). Hungarian citizens and the country’s healthcare workers have been misled. We were not given the raises we were promised and gratitude money will continue to poison the system. The government ministry continues to avoid setting up a broad roundtable on the issue.

“The 1,001 Physicians Against Gratitude Money wants to see a clean and predictable healthcare, and has a vested interest in seeing the entire system vetted and reorganized. The first step to ensuring high quality patient care is to ensure high quality human resources. The exploitation of exhausted healthcare workers needs to end!

We ask the Hungarian citizens to support this movement for a more transparent healthcare system so that all Hungarian citizens can receive quality healthcare void of gratitude money!

In closing, we would like to quote an important source that we very much agree with:

‘Healthcare workers play a significant role: the unfunded system is being held up by their selfless work….It is necessary to set up a broad professional roundtable to address healthcare workers’ career models….The most pressing issue in healthcare is the gratitude money system…Our physicians and other healthcare workers deserve the appropriate amount of social and financial support: we need to ensure respectable work environments and income for them.’  This was Fidesz’s healthcare program in 2010.”

In December, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s chief-of-staff, propaganda minister Antal Rogán, promised healthcare workers a raise in January.  He lied.