Government television’s favorite “security expert” says NGOs should be “immediately eliminated” as war criminals, saboteurs, and traitors

October 5, 2017

Government television's favorite "security expert" says NGOs should be "immediately eliminated" as war criminals, saboteurs, and traitors 1
Photo: The Budapest Beacon

EchoTV recently aired an episode of Informátor, a propaganda program, in which it solicited the opinion of László Földi on the subject of NGOs and the Muslim invasion of Europe.

Földi, a former operations director with Hungary’s foreign spy agency, has become a spokesperson for the paranoiac terrorism and migration narratives of the Orbán regime. He regularly appears as an expert guest on Hungary’s vast pro-government propaganda outlets, which include the country’s state-run media.

In the episode, the reporter for EchoTV, a broadcaster owned by mega-oligarch and suspected frontman for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Lőrinc Mészáros, makes claims that “George Soros’ civil organizations” are involved in an elaborate human smuggling operation.

Földi later says that these organizations are human smugglers which, according to “war laws,” are “saboteurs” and should be “eliminated.”

In the episode, producers build up to Földi’s statements with the following interview with Nasrin Katona, an interpreter:

Narration: Such a Middle Eastern network of interpreters has come about in Hungary, that following the apprehension of a group of migrants, the appropriate people show up within moments who put the right words in the immigrants’ mouths. Nasrin Katona says the human rights groups are involved in this.

Nasrin Katona: These human rights groups do not consider Viktor Orbán to be their enemy, nor do they consider the Hungarian state or [President of the European Commission] Mr Junckers (sic) to be their enemy. Their enemies are the real refugees, because you cannot make money with them and because you cannot blackmail the state with them.

Narration: In the area of official interpreters, one of George Soros’ favorite organizations, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, has obtained significant influence. Soros’ civil organizations and the pioneers of the open society have cast their web over those promoting immigration and interpreters. The Hungarian Helsinki Committee has worked for years to change how official interpretation works. Aside from their professional views, they make demands to ensure that lasting influence of the Soros network. It is shocking to see that there are no areas which Soros and his civil organizations are not trying to cover.

[The show’s reporter then turns up at the Hungarian Helsinki Committee’s office, but is sent away after an employee says he will not make statements to EchoTV.]

Narration: We would have liked to know how the Hungarian Helsinki Committee’s paid interpreters fill the minds of migrants with lies, but we will not be able to learn this from the lights of Soros’ eyes. Migration Aid, the billionaire’s other favorite organization, also tries to get in on the business.

[The reporter then tries to contact Migration Aid over the phone, but is told that they only do in-person interviews.]

Narration: Surely, they [the Hungarian Helsinki Committee and Migration Aid] conspired with each other. Security policy expert László Földi says civil organizations are not only performing work that is harmful, they are even committing war crimes.

László Földi: There is a war going on. These people are collaborators, war criminals, traitors, and so on. This is an entirely different conceptual system. In times of war, human smugglers are not simply human smugglers, they are essentially saboteurs who have no legal status. In other words, they can be freely liquidated. That’s what the war laws prescribe: spies and saboteurs are not taken to courts, they are immediately eliminated.

(via Átlátszó)