Gov’t communication on refugees “contradictory and confusing” – Tarjányi

September 25, 2015

60000Former commando and security expert Péter Tarjányi told ATV Thursday evening that asylum seekers coming to Europe are the least important group from the point of combatting terrorism.   “If Hungarians fear them, it is because the government has been telling them for weeks, even months, that terrorists are hidden among them,” says the security expert.

“The events of the past week and a half show that the government would really like to nab itself a terrorist,” said Tarjányi, observing that there habe been many contradictory statements on the part of the Prime Minister and his advisors on one hand, and experts on the other hand.

“The entire communication on the subject of the refugees is contradictory and confusing, and for this reason the people are fearful,” says the former commando.  He says the most important rule when it comes to communicating in times of crisis is clarity.  “It is necessary to inform people in the simplest and comprehensible manner what is happening.”

“They are mixing terrorism up with Islamization and a number of other things, whereas these are separate problems independent of one another,” says Tarjányi.  When they alarm citizens by telling them there is a continuous danger of terrorism, for which, by the way, there are grounds, then you have to mention that there are many thousands of counter-terrorism experts in Europe and Hungary doing their job.  They are continuously examining the situation.

The most important and more difficult task is to determine who those terrorists are who are already here—European Union citizens, second- or third-generation Muslims, or not Muslims but Christians.  About them we known nothing.  The next level are the ones coming to foment discord and recruit radicals.

“The refugees are at the bottom of the list,” he says. “There, the most important thing is the registration and filtering.”