Gov’t official pronounces “Come home young people” program a success

May 21, 2015

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Sándor Czomba, undersecretary for employment at the Ministry of National Economy, has told Hungary’s state-run media that the government’s program to lure young Hungarians back to the country is a success! According to Czomba, more than 40,000 people registered on the “Come home young people” program’s Facebook page.

40,000 ≠ 228

Unfortunately, either the Facebook page is malfunctioning or Czomba’s numbers are wrong because a visit to the Facebook page paints an entirely different picture.  Hungarian news website pointed out the numerical discrepancy.

It appears the undersecretary confused the program’s website with its Facebook page.  Those wishing to access information about job opportunities and other inducements to return to Hungary must first register.

There is no way to independently verify how many of the estimated 530,000 Hungarians living abroad have registered to date.

If the reliability of official government statements is anything to go by, such pronouncements are to be taken with a grain of salt.

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