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Gov’t quietly diverts HUF 16 billion from defense to propaganda

According to the latest Magyar Közlöny, the official bulletin listing government decrees and budget, published on Tuesday, the government re-appropriated some HUF 7 billion (USD 27 million) from the National Defense Fund to the central budgetary fund for “church community-related programs and investments.” Hungary’s state-recognized churches (and their activities) are heavily subsidized by the state. Enormous fiscal transfers to churches appear to be taking place in the run-up to the 2018 national election.

Another HUF 6.6 billion (USD 25 million) was allocated to Antal Rogán’s ministry for “government communication and [national] consultation related work,” ostensibly to cover the government’s expensive campaign to drum up support for its Soros Plan national consultation.

The Hungarian State Opera will be receiving HUF 1.962 billion (USD 755,000) to offset operating costs. Eximbank, Hungary’s state-owned import-export bank commonly used to prop up the domestic business ventures of prominent members of Fidesz’s economic hinterland, will be receiving some HUF 4 billion to cover interest equalization.

Benjamin Novak :