Gyömrő elects former mayor despite conviction for tax fraud, forgery

August 29, 2016


In a mayoral by-election held in on Sunday, former Gyömrő mayor Levente Zoltán Gyenes (2002-2014) was returned to office despite being convicted in 2014 for tax fraud and the systematically forging of personal documents.  His election is seen as a mayor defeat for Fidesz, which had endorsed his opponent.

Resigning as mayor on June 1st, 2014, the day the Szeged court gave him a two year suspended sentence.  However, the sentence did not forbid Gyenes from holding public office.

Gyenes, who ran as the Gyömrő 2000 Kör (Gyömrő 2000 Circle) candidate, readily defeated his main opponent, István Attila Horváth.  Running as an independent, Horváth reportedly enjoyed the support and backing of Hungary’s governing Fidesz party.  For this reason, his defeat is seen as a defeat for Fidesz.

According to city head legal officer, Ernő Varga, who also serves as the head of the local election office, out of 5956 valid ballots cast, 4610 (77.4 percent) were for Gyenes and 1258 (21.12 percent) were for Horváth.

The this candidate appearing on the ballot, István Kovács (Hungarian workers’ party), received just 88 votes (1.48 percent).

Only 43 percent of qualified voters participated in the election.