György Rubovszky and the Rogán–Habony–Portik story

June 23, 2016


Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) parliamentarian György Rubovszky is also tied to the Rogán-Habony-Portik story, being connected to the Budapest District V  corruption scandal in three ways:

  • Rubovszky’s company, Város FM Városgazdálkodási és Szolgáltató Kft., appraises the value of real estate which the district wishes to sell.  More often than not, the “appraisals” mirror the information supplied by the district, for which Rubovszky’s company is paid handsomely.
  • This practice has been connected to at least one significant deal, specifically that involving Árpád Habony’s aunt and former partner of Tamás Portik, Marianne Pápa, located on Károly Blvd.
  • Rubovszky’s daughter, Mrs. Csilla Rubovszky Jenei, has served as Budapest District V deputy mayor since 2006.  She has been a member of the city council since 1998.  Furthermore, in March 2015 she was made a government commissioner and assigned to the Ministry for National Development under Miklós Seszták.  (Clearly, a woman of many talents-ed.)
Mrs. Csilla Rubovszky Jenei
Mrs. Csilla Rubovszky Jenei

Hungarian news site reports that Rubovszky was recently asked how it was possible that his company appraised a Budapest District V property owned by the district for well below its fair market value.

“I haven’t the slightest idea,” Rubovszky said.

The property in question, of course, is one that was sold soon after its appraisal to Árpád Habony’s aunt, Marianne Pápa. After purchasing the property from the district, Pápa resold it within six months probably for twice what she paid, pocketing HUF 52 million on the deal.

This property is the very same one that Tamás Portik, a known underworld figure currently serving time for putting out a contract on someone, discussed in court last Friday in former District V mayor Antal Rogán’s defamation case.

Rogán launched the defamation case when Együtt (Together) politician Péter Juhász accused him of being a criminal for engaging in shady business with known criminals. In his defense, Juhász’s lawyers asked Portik to testify in court regarding his ties to Rogán.

Rogán, who has since left his post as mayor and has been elevated by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to serve as government minister, categorically denies ever meeting Portik.

According to Portik, the two had in fact met when Portik personally delivered HUF 10 million worth of Euros to Rogán as part of a bribe connected to Pápa’s purchase of District V property.