Gyurcsány calls for early municipal elections

April 3, 2018

Gyurcsány calls for early municipality election
Photo: MTI/Tibor lllyés

Democratic Coalition chairman and former Socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány is calling for early municipal elections in the event of a left-wing victory in the general election next Sunday, reports state news agency MTI.

At a Tuesday press conference in Budapest, Gyurcsány said a change of political system is required to break down “all pillars of Viktor Orbán’s system.” According to Gyurcsány, the vast majority of municipalities do not represent the interests of the electorate but are “simple executors of Fidesz’s political will.”

The new government will have to call on municipalities to “make way” for the early elections, the DK leader said. “If they are not willing, then the electorate should be asked to compel early elections with direct pressure.”

Replying to a question from the press, Gyurcsány stressed that elections never bring chaos, but a solution. He said DK had not coordinated about the proposal with other parties of the opposition.

Gyurcsány stressed the importance of abolishing the “oligarchic world” enriched by roughly 2 trillion forints (USD 7.88 billion) over the past few years.