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Gyurcsány doubles down on Ukrainian pension/voter fraud message

Photo: MTI/Zsolt Szigetváry

Former Prime Minister and Democratic Coalition chairman Ferenc Gyurcsány is doubling down on the Ukrainian voter/pension fraud story. Last week, we reported that his video on Ukrainian nationals who receive a pension in Hungary received more than 1.3 million views in less than 5 days.

Gyurcsány has since published another video. While not as popular as the first video, this video is a cartoon that really goes after Fidesz and Ukrainian nationals who receive a Hungarian pension.

Taking a page from Momentum Movement and other opposition parties, DK is organizing a signature drive of its own to force a referendum on the question of whether Hungarians should pay the pensions of Ukrainian nationals.

It depicts József,  a Hungarian pensioner who has lived (and paid his taxes) in Hungary his whole life. Then it shows Igor, a Ukrainian drinking at a bar, who has a registered address in Hungary but has never lived (or paid taxes) in Hungary. The narrator goes on to say that Igor will get Hungarian citizenship so that he can vote for Fidesz in exchange for the pension he receives.

“This is József. He was born in Hungary. He speaks Hungarian and lives in Hungary. József has worked in Hungary for 45 years. He paid taxes here his whole life, but his pension is only 90 thousand Forint.

“This is Igor. He was born in Ukraine. He speaks Ukrainian and lives in Ukraine. But he has a registered address in Hungary. Igor hasn’t worked a single day in Hungary. He never paid a single forint in taxes here. But the Orbán government uses the money of Hungarians to pay him a pension of 300 thousand forints. Igor will get his Hungarian citizenship in a few weeks, so that he can vote for Fidesz in exchange for receiving his pension.

“Is this just? DK says it’s not. We are gathering signatures to make sure Hungarians aren’t paying the pensions of Ukrainians. If you think that only József deserves a Hungarian pension and the right to vote, join us and sign (the petition to hold a referendum on whether Hungarians should pay the pensions of Ukrainians-ed.).”

Benjamin Novak :