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Gyurcsány: If the left wins, coalition talks must start immediately

Photo: Facebook/Gyurcsány Ferenc

If parties of the democratic opposition manage to obtain a majority in the National Assembly after the general election on April 8, coalition talks must start the next day according to Democratic Coalition (DK) chairman Ferenc Gyurcsány. If a parliamentary majority is only achievable together with far-right Jobbik, an expert government should be formed and a new election must be held within a year, Gyurcsány said at a Thursday press conference, reports state news agency MTI.

According to the former prime minister from 2004 to 2009, the coalition government should be led by the party that manages to obtain the most mandates from the national party list. Parties of the democratic opposition should reach an agreement about the person of the prime minister, the composition of the government and its program.

If a parliamentary majority is only achievable with the help of Jobbik, Gyurcsány suggested that an expert government should be formed, free of the influence of the political parties. The expert cabinet should uncover the corruption cases of Fidesz politicians, join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office and prepare a new election, Gyurcsány stated. A new government should also restore fair political competition, the freedom of media, and prepare reasonable election and party financing laws.

DK could cooperate with Politics Can Be Different (LMP) in a possible coalition government, Gyurcsány added.

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