Gyurcsány: Leftist opposition stronger now than in 2014

May 13, 2015

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Former prime minister and Democratic Coalition (DK) president Ferenc Gyurcsány wants an early election.

“We don’t want to wait until 2018. We want a calm electionorganized by [Hungary’s] democratic powers as soon as possible,” Gyurcsány said at a town hall event in Dombóvár.

He is touring the country as part of his “Livelihood! Security!” campaign.

“If a government harms the country every day as Viktor Orbán’s government does, then we must make sure he has less time to continue doing so,” Gyurcsány said.

Addressing the crowd, he said the Democratic Coalition is preparing for the post-Orbán government with what is left “of the country’s shattered remains”. The former prime minister said it won’t be enough to restore the country to its 2010 condition. He believes the country has fundamentally changed so much that a range of solutions will have to be found to get back on track.

“We have to show that we are capable of governing, both as people and as professionals,” Gyurcsány emphasized.

Some 150 people attended the town hall-style event hosted at the Dombóvár cultural community center.

Gyurcsány also spoke on the growing income disparity between Hungarian families, something he believes the current education system continues to exacerbate. He said the planned 1 percent decrease to Hungary’s personal income tax would deprive the budget of more than HUF 120 billion, one-third of which could be used to raise the salaries of nurses and doctors, while also decreasing the waiting lists for medical care.

The Democratic Coalition’s odds are better now than they were in 2014, he said. Fidesz has 1.8 million supporters, while Hungary’s leftist opposition has 1.4 million, Gyurcsány said.

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