Gyurcsány: opposition parties are conducting secret negotiations behind our backs

February 7, 2017

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány has accused presumptive Socialist nominee for prime minister László Botka of conspiring with other opposition parties behind his back in an attempt to leave him and his Democratic Coalition party (DK) out of a possible coalition heading into the 2018 election. Gyurcsány said during his annual evaluation on Saturday that the Socialist Party (MSZP), Együtt (Together) and Dialogue for Hungary (PM), along with an unnamed “king-maker”, were spinning intrigues and “conducting secret negotiations behind our backs.”

“We are far from the scheming, but if this is how you act, then we will put this country in order without you long before you will without us,” Gyurcsány declared to the opposition parties. The comments shocked opposition politicians, and they did not wish to publicly react to his statements, reports

A Facebook post by DK spokesman Zsolt Gréczy later revealed that Gyurcsány’s “king-maker” is László Lengyel, a political scientist and economist close to László Botka. A meeting took place several weeks ago between opposition party leadership and Lengyel at the Pénzügykutató Zrt., a financial research institute of which Lengyel is the CEO. Gyurcsány was not invited to the meeting, but opposition party leaders claim that no plans for excluding Gyurcsány or the DK were discussed there, and that the meeting occurred some time before Botka was named the prime ministerial candidate for the Socialists.

Lengyel denied Gyurcsány’s claims that he is acting as a “king-maker” in conspiracy with opposition parties. As he told, he believes that Gyurcsány “should have disappeared from the political stage a long time ago.”

Gyurcsány’s public comments may indicate that he will run on a single party list if need be, and that his Democratic Coalition may head into the 2018 election alone while a different coalition forms without his party.