Gyurcsány releases scathing video of “Orbán’s Hungary, the Hungary of less”

April 18, 2016

 (The country of less–less health care.  Hungarian health care has reached the hour of collapse.  Only a select few have access to proper health care.  For most, in vain did they pay taxes, they are not given the opportunity to heal.  This is Orbán’s Hungary.  This is the Hungary of less).

English translation of Facebook post of Gyurcsány Ferenc dated Saturday, April 16, 2016


Former prime minister and Democratic Coalition chairman Ferenc Gyurcsány has released another video slamming the Orbán government. This time, the video goes after the government’s mismanagement of Hungary’s health-care system.

According to the video, adequate health-care in Hungary is only provided to a select few — ”those in Fidesz who have engaged in theft to become billionaires.”

The video features graphs showing Hungary spending less on health-care in 2015 than the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France and Germany as a percentage of total state expenditure.

“The majority of people are not given the opportunity to heal despite paying their taxes,” says the narrator.

According to the video, the Orbán government has spent substantially less on both hospital care and pharmaceutical support than the Gyurcsány government. Gyurcsány was prime minister from 2004 to 2009. Viktor Orbán has been prime minister since 2010.

“Today, [hospitals] are operating without the very essentials needed for adequate care, including bandages and batteries for blood glucose meters,” says the narrator, adding that “because there is no money to disinfect the hospitals, more people in Hungary die from infections in hospitals than in car accidents.”

The video also points out that even though Hungary has a high cancer rate by global standards, its hospitals have only half the number of CT scanners and MRIs of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The lack of funding in the health-care system and shortage of doctors have resulted in a scarcity of life-saving medical procedures.

“Hospital waiting lists have grown to lengths never before seen. In Orbán’s Hungary, even the best hospitals are in worse shape than prison hospitals in Western Europe. Hospital rooms are not even heated, unlike the Felcsút soccer fields,” the narrator says.

In some regions of Hungary, one must wait years to receive a knee prosthesis.

“If someone signed up for a knee prosthesis surgery last year, they will only have surgery two years from now — that is, assuming they do not get some kind of infection in the hospital,” the narrator says. “In Orbán’s Hungary, three doctors and two nurses leave the country every single day. In Western Europe, they can make four to five times as much as they would in Hungary.”

The narrator also says 77 percent of the physicians leaving the country are under the age of 40 and one-third of all doctors who have stayed are over 60. Only 2 out of every 24 medical school graduates stayed in Hungary.

“In Orbán’s Hungary, you can die from a ruptured spleen because there is no one here to perform surgery on you,” the narrator warns. “By 2025, half of the population will not have access to a general practitioner.

“This is Orbán’s country. This is the Hungary of a few.”