The Habony media machine kicks into high gear

May 14, 2017

“While every known dictatorship has wanted to control the media, this does not guarantee its success. There are some bloopers. Still it makes it difficult for the opposition to compete.”

Translation of “Government messages in tabloid mud: the Habony machine has kicked into high gear” appearing in Hungarian print weekly 168 óra on May 4th, 2017 (p. 7).

“Cakes shaped like vaginas, menstruation couches, brochures encouraging homosexuality—with these and other similar means they try to . . . instill tolerance in those attending George Soros’ university.”  “It appears Márton Gulyás was not as tired and hungry as he claimed, since after his release and tearful press conference . . . he posted on (previously GayRomeo), which is an international internet forum, chatroom, and meeting place for gay, bisexual and transgender men.”  And moreover, “Márton Gulyás, who has neither diploma nor job, doesn’t want to work in the future either.”

Over the past few weeks and the other state, half-state, or government-friendly media were very active. It has been a long time since we saw so base a coordinated attack.  Following the acquisitions (of numerous media outlets-tran.) and the influence of the advertising market, the next step is the brutal coordination of the tabloids and the state news service.  With the help of Fidesz sources, we show in our report the workings of the government media machine from Árpad Habony and his inner circle working out the simple slogans into which the current government messages are cast and sending prepared packets to the Fidesz communication center, all the way to how it is distributed through numerous channels.

Media experts speaking to our publication recalled that, while every known dictatorship has wanted to control the media, this does not guarantee its success.  It can backfire. Still it makes it difficult for the opposition to compete. György Földes, the director of the Political History Institute, believes that in the language of politics and the press Hungary’s political elite are either agents of Soros or Putyin, from which they need to extricate themselves. Because so long as we accept and use them, it will be impossible to step out of the Fidesz power room.  Rather, it is necessary to develop a new political language.