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Hadházy: Fidesz will get worse as the risk of prison looms over their heads

MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

In an ominous warning, LMP co-chair Ákos Hadházy stated that the government’s propaganda tactics will not work forever, and that the extent of theft being perpetrated by the Fidesz regime is so great that in the event of a change in government, many Fidesz officials will surely land in prison. According to Hadházy, to ensure this will not happen, the government will stoop to new lows.

“What the government is doing is incredibly dishonest and incredibly dangerous,” the Politics Can Be Different leader said on ATV’s Egyenes Beszéd on Wednesday. “This toolbox may be useful for some time, it may be enough to cover up the discontent for a while, but as the discontent grows – and it will continue to grow in Hungary, we are already feeling this – this toolbox will not be enough… As the discontent continues to grow, the government will start using much rougher tools.”

As destructive as Hadházy finds Fidesz’s methods to stay in power, he does not believe this will be enough to sustain the party in the long term.

According to Hadházy, as EU structural funds dry up, discontent will reach a point where Fidesz’s methods will no longer be enough to distract Hungarians from the serious problems facing the country, making the party capable of much worse.

He called on opposition parties to quit bickering and start winning over voters with a plan. Otherwise, Hadházy said, the opposition has no chance at taking Fidesz’s representation in parliament below 50 percent.

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