Hadházy says company received almost 850 million Ft in EU funds but never built the project

May 27, 2016

Photo: LMP
Photo: LMP

Politics Can Be Different (LMP) anti-corruption spokesman Ákos Hadházy says the Ministry of National Economy paid out 837 million Ft in EU funds for a construction project in Bátonyterenye that was never finished.

According to Hadházy, a company called Ökogroup Zrt. was awarded this amount of EU money to help cover a 1.6 billion Ft logistics center project in the small Hungarian town.

Speaking at his weekly “Corruption Info” press conference Thursday, Hadházy said he personally visited the site recently and saw that the project was never finished despite the Ministry of National Economy announcing in early March that it had been completed.

According to Hadházy, the site has a few billboards indicating the project is under way but it looks like only the 50-100 million Ft worth of groundwork has been performed.

The LMP anti-corruption spokesman says the ministry paid for the project despite there being an inquiry into irregularities surrounding it. Hadházy said that because a private citizen has already filed a criminal complaint in the matter, LMP will not be turning to the authorities in this case.