Horváth: Bunge Zrt. gave NAV evidence of fraud years ago

January 13, 2015


The Central Prosecutor’s Office has rejected a complaint brought against Prime Minister Viktor Orbán over a public statement he made in December.  Orbán told parliament he would replace beleaguered National Tax and Customs Adminstration (NAV) president Ildikó Vida if she failed to report US Embassy Chargé d’affaires André Goodfriend for defamation.  The complaint alleged that Orbán “coerced” Vida into filing a criminal complaint by threatening to dismiss her.  The Prosecutor’s Office ruled that Orbán’s statement did not constitute an “existential threat” and for this reason there was no conflict of interest.

According to tax inspector-turned-whistleblower András Horváth (pictured), the question is not whether the Prime Minister forced Vida to file a complaint but rather the matter from which Orbán seeks to divert attention.  The founder of the Anti-Corruption Association told ATV that Goodfriend was correct when he stated in October that the government is already in possession of evidence of corruption, and all that is needed is for the Central Prosecutor’s Office to conclude its investigation.

“This coercion is about supposedly waiting for evidence of corruption from America, when in fact we know that Bunge Zrt. supplied NAV with serious evidence of wrongdoing several years ago,” said Horváth, adding that nothing had happened since then.

“The accusation that I submitted about the systemic corruption and tax office activities supporting the systemic fraud investigation is in progress, but the investigation is very slow, we do not know what is happening in this regard, for that reason this paper by the Attorney General’s Office is completely unsuitable to discredit this matter or me,” Horváth said.


According to Hovárth, NAV did not conduct a study just as the parliamentary investigative committee did not act in the matter of his green dossier (which allegedly contained documentary evidence of massive fraud).

“I would have been happy to sit down with Ildikó Vida or somebody from the government over the past year in the interest of together trying to resolve the serious problems which amount to HUF 1 trillion annually, but this did not happen,” he said.