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Hundreds flee refugee collection area in southern Hungary

Several hundred refugees fled the refugee collection area in southern Hungary this afternoon after being forced to sleep out in the cold for three days, reports 444.hu.

Initial attempts to break out were contained by the police who found themselves vastly outnumbered by refugees determined to leave the camp.  The refugees spread out over the countryside.

Many refugees entered a nearby cornfield. The police managed to take some of them into custody.  444.hu’s correspondent saw police with drawn rubber batons, but none actually using them.

A policeman attends to a wounded refugee Photo: 444.hu

The news portal reports that one of the fleeing refugees, a young man, fell and hurt himself.  He was reportedly treated on the scene and then taken away.

Police returning refugees to the Röszke camp. Photo: 444.hu

Later police managed to catch up with some refugees and to return them to the camp.  444.hu’s correspondent reports that a large number of refugees are wandering aimlessly.

The break-out was filmed by blikk.hu and can be seen here.

Several hours later another group of several hundred refugees grew tired of waiting in the cold and set out in the direction of Szeged.  The 444.hu correspondent reports that they were chanting “no fingerprints”.

Police prevent refugees from walking to Szeged Photo: 444.hu

Police allowed them to walk in the direction of Szeged.  However, shortly before reaching the southern city they encountered a serious police cordon.

Refugees on their way to Szeged sitting on the road after being stopped by police.   Photo: 444.hu

Unable to continue, the refugees sat down on country road 5 and started chanting “Go, go Budapest”.




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