Hungarian civil activist Márton Kozák’s speech of April 19, 2015

April 22, 2015

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“How could it happen that only in our country the prime minister is not the first servant but the last thief?” – Márton Kozák

Good afternoon, dear demonstrators, malcontented participants!

It is not necessary to unveil Viktor Orbán’s system. Everybody knows it very well. His key words are not home and moving forward but rather first the pocket, then – no, it is not the moral, this is not The Threepenny Opera – this is the Orbán-style Peasant Opera – and therefore they have key words: first the pocket, second the pocket and third, the pocket again. No moral, no cavorting, only the cash. In order to ensure the free flow of money to their pockets they neutralized the operation of those institutes that are controlling the state, the prosecution, the audit office, the ombudsman’s office, the Constitutional Court, they nationalized the public media and they impoverished and threatened the private press.

And they did a very good job.

We can see that Hungary’s rank has slid down on the lists of freedom of press and corruption since 2010. The more corrupt the state, the bigger the problem of the freedom of press. The biggest threat to the “System of National Cooperation” is the journalist working according to the rules of the profession. The control over the mass media is the most significant element of the free stealing and application of the uncontrolled power. With other words, if they do not want us to see what they steal they have to steal our eyes first. This is the technological order of the corrupt regimes. It is only safe to be corrupt or corrupting others if the dark acts stay in the dark. That’s why it is even more important than stealing the money from the public media to ensure that the big heist – stealing the state sources – stays in the dark. That is, the companies of their friends do not prepare overpriced television programs for the liftable money – however they are ready to bend down for a couple of 10 billions. They do it, dear compatriots, to misinform you. Orbán did not make the state media reshaped, and created his own HírTV (News Television) to make of the straw men richer, – by the way did the Media Council, the Potemkin-organization which seems to be responsible, say a word? I did not hear them!

So he created it to crash that media which wanted to detach from it. The reason this modern media group created the press company by this ex-government official – and remember this – who scratches his balls in front of the educated audience, without income adding his intellectual assets – Habony, is not to take up all the state advertising moneys instead of Simicska, but to give Orbán another obedient press outlet. Garancsi, Orbán’s new Simicska did not buy up ESMA, the giant sign company sentenced to death three years ago that – after another bill and law – it can tap the state sources again, as there are other girls in the family to stand on her feet, but to hang Orbán’s poster to all poles at the right time. And only Orbán’s.

We got to know Orbán’s regime. And even the regime veils itself.  In the wink of the eye, the friend, the son-in-law, the straw man of the prime minister win countless tenders, and after their clash this company will not win anything. The half-Asian eager beaver does not even want to preserve the appearance and calls for tender because he wants a rowing lake and a dinky rail line in his hometown from the money of the EU taxpayers. Right next to his football stadium. If it is stolen, is it taken? I could not sleep well if I were a prosecutor, a tax authority worker, a worker responsible for tenders, a worker at the KEHI (Government Control Office), a director at the state audit office, or anyone who decide about the distribution of EU funds and not doing a proper job. We are aware and some of us expressed already that there are no deeper sense, no background substance, no hidden coherence, there is only political product. Like civil Hungary and the System of National Cooperation, etc. Only the loser believed it and the stupid believe it. Three consecutive by-elections indicates that the majority is fed up with the governing Fidesz. The number of those who want to send the devil away with Beelzebub is rising. Who are fed up with the system, but expect another tyranny to bring the redemption. Do not blame them! Let’s rather learn from the miserable years spent in the dead end of Orbán’s system and the previous two bitter decades. How could it happen that only in our country the prime minister is not the first servant but the last thief? How could it happen that among the countries transforming only in our country a party obtained uncontrolled and uncontrollable power?

Why is Hungary not attractive even for the Hungarians living in the successor states? And many other things. For all of this we need a responsible, free press, there is no other way. If we do not listen to Beelzebub and we step on the hard and long way of learning, we will be ok. We do not have to invent the warm water, if something works in other countries it could work here as well. Maybe we have to fine tune it, but it will work. Some key words we could use: All responsible Hungarians for all Hungarians. E.g. for all Hungarian needy people.

Freedom for the press! Free political and economic contest! Proportional, list election system! Let the capitalism live, let the representative democracy live! Money, money, money and more money for the education, let the children live! Orbán’s regime has to go!