Hungarian consortium wins $23 million tender to build football stadium in Budapest

October 27, 2015

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A company whose affiliate acquired the shares of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s son-in-law in Elios Zrt. in April is a member of the two-company consortium that has won a HUF 6.3 billion (USD 23 million) contract to plan and build a 15,000-square-meter football stadium in Budapest’s Hungaria körút.

West Hungária Bau Kft., which worked as the general contractor on the renovation of the Castle Garden Market Bazar (Várkert Bazár) project, is owned by Attila Paár (see below, far right), one of Hungary’s 100 most affluent individuals.

Along with consortium partner ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt., the construction company is to build the 5,322-seat Hidegkuti Nándor stadium by the end of August.


At a press conference on Monday, Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch (second from left), who serves as the president of MTK Budapest football club, announced that four companies had submitted offers to plan and build the stadium, but that the winning consortium had offered to complete the project one month earlier than the 360 days designated in the tender materials.  Deutsch explained that it was important the stadium be completed by the end of August so that an occupancy permit can be obtained in time for MTK’s match against Sporting Lisbon on September 21st.

(In that case why weren’t all the companies informed of the importance of completing the stadium by the end of August?-ed.)

Deutsch said the project involves the construction of a 15,000-square-meter 5,322-seat, state-of-the-art facility featuring the best sport technology available.

(Deutsch would know all about the importance of buying nothing but the best.  While Minister of Youth and Sports under the first Orbán government he authorized the purchase of an automated entry gate system at a cost to Hungarian taxpayers of several million dollars.  Inexplicably, it was never installed-ed.)

In response to questions, Deutsch acknowledged that it would not be easy for MTK to achieve the growth in spectators necessary to achieve an 80-90 percent rate of use.  “We’re working on it,” says the Fidesz MEP.

Public lighting on the side

West Hungária Bau’s affiliate purchased István Tiborcz’s shares in Green Investments in April of this year after Elios Zrt., won a string of lucrative public lighting contracts from local governments.   It did so despite an ongoing police investigation into alleged improprieties on behalf of Tiborcz and his business partner, whose other company was responsible for preparing the tenders on the basis of which Tiborcz’s companies ended up winning. Tiborcz is Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s son-in-law.