Hungarian government launches xenophobic billboard campaign

June 4, 2015

News of the government's latest billboard campaign has already given rise to a number of parodies, including this one: If you come to Hungary, don't steal! The government does't tolerate competition!
News of the government’s latest country-wide billboard campaign has already spawned a number of parodies on the internet, including this one: If you come to Hungary, don’t steal! The government does’t tolerate competition!

Zoltán Kovács, international spokesman for the Hungarian government, appeared on ATV Start Wednesday morning to discuss the government’s new billboard campaign regarding the so-called “national consultation on immigration and terrorism”.

RTL Klub reports the campaign will cost Hungarian taxpayers around HUF 300 million (USD 1.2 million).  This is on top of the HUF 950 million (USD 3.5 million) spent printing and posting some 8 million questionnaires to Hungarian citizens.

Kovács says the billboards and advertisements are part of the government’s campaign to raise awareness about the national consultation on “immigration and terrorism” set to end on July 1st.

One billboard will read, “If you come to Hungary you mustn’t take work away from the Hungarians!”

Another will read, “If you come to Hungary you have to respect our culture!”

And yet another will read, “If you come to Hungary you must respect our laws!”

Out of 8 million so-called national consultation questionnaires sent out in April, only 200,000 have been returned to date, prompting the government to make the questionnaire available online.

Recent studies show that Hungarians are more concerned about record numbers of Hungarians leaving the country than with immigration.

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