Hungarian health care professionals continue to seek employment abroad

November 13, 2014


Half again as many Hungarian health care professionals requested official documents necessary to find work abroad the first 9 months of 2014 than the previous year, writes daily online

Citing official figures from the Health Permitting Authoritiy (EEKH), writes that between January and September 1534 professional health workers applied for official certificates of good standing necessary to secure employment in the health service industry abroad, including 747 doctors, 191 dentists, 380 nurses, 37 midwives and 67 pharmacists.

Over 8000 Hungarian doctors and dentists and more than 2,500 nurses and midwives have accepted employment abroad over the past seven and one half years, writes

In a recent on-line survey, 55 percent of Hungarian respondents said they would like to live abroad, and 21 percent said they intended to look for work abroad.