Hungarian health care providers to resume protests

June 2, 2015

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The draft 2016 budget does not allocate sufficient funds to Hungary’s public health care system to ensure that patients are properly cared for, according to the Action Alliance for Truth about Health Matters, which has decided to organize additional actions to call further attention to the problems caused by chronic underfunding.

On June 23 the action alliance will pitch tent in front of the Ministry for National Economy to temporarily house a “poor hospital” whose equipment will reflect the current and future condition of the health care system if current levels of funding are not increased.  The hospital tent will last for one week, during which time it will accept “clients” day and night.  Event organizers hope government officials will avail themselves of the opportunity to visit the facility and see for themselves the conditions in which public health care workers must work.

Members of the alliance consist of the Trade Union for Autonomous Fields, the Independent Regional Alliance of Trade Unions for Health Care Workers, the Countrywide alliance of Doctors, the Independent Trade Union for healthcare workers, the Alliance of Hungarian Doctors, the Alliance of Hungarian residents, and the Alliance of Trade organizations for Medical Universities.

The action alliance plans to hold protests for a livable and sustainable public health care system similar to the demonstration held in mid-May.