Hungarian Liberal Party: Legalize it!

May 15, 2017

Hungarian Liberal Party (MLP) chairman Gábor Fodor (who also happens to be the party’s only MP) submitted a bill last week calling for the legalization and regulation of cannabis in Hungary.

According to the bill, an age limit of 21 years would be set for the consumption of cannabis, unless the individual had a medical condition justifying its use. The bill would also regulate where cannabis could be sold, and would leave the rest of the regulatory issues for the government to decide.

Not everyone agrees with the proposal.

“It sometimes shocks me how certain people try to sell non-normal things as normal things to the people, thereby forcing their extreme views on the society’s normal majority,” said János Pótápi, an undersecretary with the Prime Minister’s Office, referring to Fodor’s proposal.

Shortly after the bill was submitted, Hungarian drug policy website Drug Reporter published some of Fodor’s proposal on its Facebook page.

“A serious policy proposal cannot be developed without serious policy discussions,” the group wrote.

Some have suggested the bill is more of a ploy by the MLP to gain exposure than a concrete policy proposal. The Hungarian Liberal Party is virtually nonexistent on the national political level, polling between 0 and 1 percent nationwide.