Hungarian MPs back for Autumn session

September 15, 2014


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will address MPs before the government unveils its Autumn agenda when the Hungarian parliament reconvenes with a two-day session on Monday.

The government says the compensation of forex borrowers will be a priority. Orbán promised that loan repayments will decrease by one-third at the end of the bank accountability process, when he spoke about forex borrowers in a radio interview on Monday.

“Individuals’ debts will decrease as they will be compensated for unfair practices of banks,” the prime minister opined. He said the issue will be resolved quickly, despite its complexity. The general debate on the proposal, submitted by the government on Friday, will begin tomorrow. The earliest possible date for a vote is September 24.

Today parliament will also decide on whether to suspend the immunity of Socialist MP Dezső Hiszékeny, which prosecutors initiated on suspicion of bribery and other crimes. On Tuesday the House agenda will include forex loans, budgetary planning and improving the efficiency of financial markets and utility services.