Hungarian paralympic committee supervisory board resigns amidst scandal

May 29, 2015

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The supervisory board of Hungary’s paralympic committee, which has been investigating the questionable financial practices of its president, Zsolt Gömöri (pictured), has resigned without publishing its findings.

Only yesterday the Hungarian Paralympic Committee announced that the investigation was “in its final phase” and it would “release the board’s findings as soon as the final report is completed.”

Earlier this month various media outlets reported that Gömöri had received HUF 3 million (USD 11,000) from the organization to apply towards paying the mortgage on his house in the form of a gift.

Shortly thereafter, other stories began to surface regarding committee spending practices under Gömöri.

He says the HUF 3 million gift from the organization was legal. Hungarian Paralympic Committee  vice-president, Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch, told the press that it was his idea to give Gömöri the money and he did not think there was anything wrong with the decision.

The committee had earlier promised that its supervisory board would investigate the matter and then make a decision once its final report was finished. After finishing its investigation today, the entire board resigned.

Paralympians have been calling for the resignation of Gömöri, top management and the supervisory board for some time. It appears their prayers are answered, at least partially.

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