Hungarian parliament bans Uber application

June 13, 2016


The National Assembly of Hungary voted on Monday to allow authorities to block websites that offer unauthorized livery services, reports Hungarian news site

The law, which is scheduled to come into effect over the next month, was approved by MPs with a 119-61 vote, and three abstentions. The bill had been submitted ny Minister of National Development Miklós Seszták.

According to the bill, Hungarian authorities may temporarily restrict access to websites and applications that offer or promote services determined by the transportation authority to be operating unlawfully.

Access to these services can be restricted if the provider does not meet the legal requirements as outlined by government regulations.

The transportation authority can restrict access to these providers for up to 365 days, after which the ban automatically lapses.

The National Media and News Broadcast Authority will be responsible for carrying out and supervising the actual restriction of these applications. Furthermore, the media authority will be keeping an eye on telecommunication providers to make sure they are adhering to the ban.

If telecom providers do not follow the government’s orders, they can be fined anywhere from HUF 50,000 (USD 185) to HUF 200,000 (USD 740).

Recently the European Commission threw its weight behind the so-called sharing economy typified by firms such as Uber and Airbnb, saying countries should ban them only as a last resort.