Hungarian parliament set to classify Paks II project for 15 years

February 15, 2015


The construction of two nuclear reactors at the Paks Atomic Energy Plant in Hungary will not be subject to public procurement law if parliament votes on Wednesday to classify all documents pertaining to the project for 15 years.   Parliament is also scheduled to vote to classify the construction of a spent fuel rod storage facility.  According to the bill, only those living “within 100 meters” of the facility would be entitled to information.

According to Fidesz caucus leader Antal Rogan, Hungary is simply following the example set by Finland when classifying everything pertaining to the construction of a nuclear reactor.  However, independent news broadcaster RTL Klub points out that, whereas the Finnish reactor is privately owned and financed, the Paks II project is to be funded with the proceeds of a EUR 10 billion loan from Russia and undertaken by a state-owned company.

Liberal parties Politics Can Be Different (LMP) and Dialogue for Hungary (PM) have objected to plans to classify the project for 15 years.  PM MEP Benedek Jávor says he will turn to the European Court if the law is passed.

On Friday Jávor said the European Commission had accepted his formal complaint over the Paks II project and will determine whether to initiate a procedure against Hungary for violating EU law.