Hungarian parliament to adopt “Stop Soros” legislation in May

April 9, 2018

Less than a day after Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz-KDNP political alliance won a landslide victory in Sunday’s general election, Fidesz politician János Halász announced on state television that the next parliament would adopt the “Stop Soros” package of laws in May.

“We did not calculate with a victory of this dimension. We are happy with the results,” said the head of Fidesz’s parliamentary faction.

Reiterating the thrust of Prime Minister Orbán’s victory speech, the Fidesz politician said: “The people understood that this was a fate-deciding election, and that we were not only electing representatives but the future as well.

“The tasks are great, we must continue the work. We must continue to struggle against migration, but while we are fighting, life goes on, taxes decrease, wages increse.”

Halász announced that among the first piece of legislation to be taken up by the parliament, which will be sworn in at the end of April, will be the so-called “Stop Soros” package of laws,

“Nobody should have any doubt on the question of sovereignty. Were are talking about the country’s security,” he said.

Returned to government with a two-thirds parliamentary majority, Orbán is now free to  modify Hungary’s constitution, the Fundamental Law, for the seventh time since its adoption in 2011.

First proposed by him in 2016 following the failed referendum on whether Hungary should allow the European Union to temporarily settle asylum-seekers in Hungary, the bill failed to muster the two-thirds parliamentary vote needed to pass.

The constitutional amendment would rule out the possibility of foreigners being settled on Hungarian soil, even temporarily, without the express consent of parliament.

European Union law permits EU member states to opt out of implementing European directives deemed to violate the country’s constitution.