Hungarian police conclude neither George Soros nor OSF pose a threat to Hungary

November 28, 2017
George Soros | Photo:öll-Stiftung

The National Investigations Office (NNI) issued a statement declaring that it would not open an investigation into Hungarian-American financier and philanthropist George Soros, a figure who has been the subject of a sustained misinformation campaign by the Fidesz-led government portraying him as an existential danger to Hungarian security and sovereignty.

The NNI took a month to respond to requests by Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki to launch an investigation into the billionaire financier. In his request, intended to expose the propagandistic nature of the anti-Soros campaign, Mirkóczki referred specifically to repeated statements from prominent Fidesz politicians – including Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Fidesz member of the National Security Committee Szilárd Németh, and Orbán’s chief security adviser György Bakondi, among others – that Soros presented an imminent danger to Hungary, and has “a dangerous plan which is being implemented by an extended international network.”

Mirkóczki reasoned that such widespread claims by prominent politicians warranted a complete investigation of Soros.

But as reports, the NNI issued a statement refuting point by point the statements by Fidesz members quoted by Mirkóczki, writing that Soros poses no such danger to Hungary. According to the statement, Soros giving his opinion on current events, such as migration, “is not considered preparation for a violent, threatening act.” The NNI also examined whether Soros had attempted to persuade others to engage in violent or threatening behavior concerning immigration (as Fidesz officials have claimed), and found that he had not.

The NNI concluded that neither the Soros-founded Open Society Foundation (referred to inexplicably in the NNI statement as the “Open Social Policy Center”) or any other organization had been created in order to disrupt or threaten Hungary’s constitutional order. The statement declared that such claims by government officials “reflect the opinions and subjective conclusions” of those officials.

Following the release of the NNI statement, Mirkóczki told that the government and the Fidesz-KDNP governing coalition had received an official, notarized document from their own investigative authorities attesting to the fact they are lying.