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Hungarian President Janos Ader’s New Year’s Day speech

“Without love of country we would have no country”.

Below is a translation of the article about Hungarian President Janos Ader’s New Year’s Day speech as distributed by the state news service and posted at the governing party’s website, Fidesz.hu. We apologize in advance for any errors in translation, stylistic or otherwise, but the exotic yet beautiful Hungarian language is not always easy to translate into English.

We Hungarians today have much about which we should be proud

President Janos Ader emphasized the importance of “love of country to the joy of life” and reminded viewers that the seventh free election scheduled for 2014 can continue writing the latest era in the history of the country’s freedom.

The chief of state said in his speech that the new year is another snow white, fresh page that “we can fill with our own words, our own history.”  Twenty-five years ago freedom was the first word to appear on this page despite the fact that foreign soldiers still occupied the country and free elections hadn’t taken place.

He emphasized that “we Hungarians still decided that we want to live free, breath free, and decide freely how to handle our collective affairs”.  The President said twenty-five years ago “those who became part of the destruction of the decades long dictatorship did so through their actions, thoughts, words said without fear, and who nurtured hope in their hearts.”

“Now I would like to write on the page of our history in the year 2014 the word: “love of country” (hazaszeretet), said the head of state, adding that “in place of the pathos of big words” he is thinking of the importance of “love of country to the joy of life”.  He gave emphasis to the simple expression that the land of our birth is our own like “the blood of our parents in our veins.”

He said that love of country means simply respecting one another and acceptance of ourselves, furthermore respect for everything “left to us to mutually defend in our lives and which we would like to pass on to those that come after us”, underlining that to him love of country also means that today’s Hungarians have something about which they can be proud.  “We have something to protect, to pass on to our children. We have our country, our past and our future, and reason to protect hope in our hearts”.

The head of state emphasized that “without love of country we would have no country”.  Just as neither the Hungarian national anthem, collective history, or freedom and independence ” exist, nor would “the Hungarian language exist in which we express our love and in which we address our mothers” he said.

In his speech Janos Ader gave special thanks to mothers and to those born in 2013 and 2014. “There are many among us brimming with joy for whom the new year brings the happiness or hope of a new child, a new sibling, a new grandchild, a new family member.”

The head of state pointed out that just as one year turns into the next “we give over the thread of life from generation to generation.”  Our individual and collective life which we weave together from ever stronger threads of love, affection, reason, and responsibility he said.

Our collective history arises from the “interweaving of millions and millions of lives.  This fabric of thousands and thousands of threads holds us together in the times ahead of us and the unborn generations to follow” emphasized the President.

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