Hungarian primary school students to receive free textbooks from September

April 21, 2015


An official with the Ministry of Human Resources has told Hungary’s state-run television that first-, second- and third-grade students receive free textbooks, while (from the fourth grade and higher) students from low-income families must qualify to receive free textbooks. The official said the government is working to speed up the process of making free textbooks available to all elementary school students.

Elementary school students may receive free textbooks within two to three years, said István Hegedűs, an education official with the Ministry of Education.

Hungary’s government nationalized the textbook industry in 2013.  Thus far, the system has proven to be ineffective and resulted in thousands of students not receiving their textbooks in time for the school year, if at all.

From September textbooks are to be shipped directly to schools where they are to be compiled into bundles for students on-site instead of at a remote center as originally planned.

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