Hungarian protestors call for decriminalization of marijuana use

April 20, 2016


A protest will be held outside parliament today calling for the legalization of medical marijuana (or at least the decriminalization of its use). Protest organizers say the legalization of marijuana could do much to ensure its quality as a public safety measure and could also generate huge tax revenues for the state.

The event will feature music and speeches, and organizers intend on having attendees “form a giant ganja leaf and paragraph sign.”

What the protestors will demand

  • Freedom to consume cannabis for recreational and medical purposes and decriminalization;
  • An annual “Smokerfest” pot-smoking festival in “Buda-Pest” (it is unclear whether each side of the city would have its own festival or if the festival is for Budapest proper);
  • Funding for nationwide hemp research and development programs;
  • “The creation of more green jobs”, by which the protestors mean hemp agriculture, marijuana gastronomy (bakeries and restaurants), “not too mention all the creative jobs”; and,
  • State-regulated “National Hemp Shops” where Hungarian would be able to buy cannabis.