“Hungarian reforms work!” propaganda campaign unveiled

July 17, 2015


The Hungarian government unveiled its latest propaganda campaign on Thursday to remind Hungarians they don’t live in Greece. Once again Hungary is to be blanketed with television, internet and newspaper advertisements depicting Hungarians supporting many of the government’s controversial policies and reforms since 2010.

The government’s latest effort to manipulate public opinion can be viewed at its own website.

Not all elements of the “Hungarian reforms work!” campaign have to do with reforms introduced since 2010.  In fact, some of the market reforms have yet to take place.  But why should that prevent the government from taking credit for them?

Take for example this great poster, which reads, “We don’t want illegal immigrants!”


There are posters for everyone, even families. This poster reads, “The new tax breaks for families is a huge help!”


This poster depicts a happy Hungarian, presumably employed, who says, “The rate of economic growth with us is higher than that of the EU!”


Here’s a low-income mother of two who is happy that her kids will eat for free at school from September. She says, “My kids will be able to eat for free in kindergarten!”


And the elderly Hungarian gentleman who is excited that minimum wage will be increased yet again next year.