Hungarian state media (MTI) not reporting Orbán’s wealth

July 29, 2016


Together (Együtt) president Viktor Szigetvári held a press event Thursday to discuss the wealth of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. According to the party, Orbán is “the richest man in Hungary”, and their press event intended to showcase how the prime minister has amassed his fortune.

A reporter from the state-run news wire MTI attended the event and even asked questions, but subsequently MTI did not publish anything. When asked why they chose not to, MTI responded that its editors are on vacation.

Technically, MTI should be publishing stories on pretty much anything that is even slightly newsworthy, including press conferences held by opposition parties.

According to Hungarian news site, it makes absolutely no sense that MTI would send a reporter to a political event and then fail to publish anything about it. There are extreme circumstances when this would be acceptable, but claiming that editors are on vacation is not one of them.

MTI has a history of not publishing stories embarrassing to senior Fidesz politicians. For example, MTI did not run pieces about the Portik-Rogán story, the Democratic Coalition’s statement on Árpád Habony’s Ibiza trip, or even the questionable business dealings of István Tiborcz, the prime minister’s son-in-law.