Hungarian students in UK sign open letter in support of CEU

April 3, 2017

Some 220 Hungarian students studying in the United Kingdom have written an open letter to Hungary’s Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog and Hungary’s ambassador to the UK Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky in support of Central European University (CEU). The following is a copy of their letter.

Subject: Open letter about the Central European University situation

Dear Minister:

Dear Ambassador:

We the Hungarian students attending advanced educational institutions in the United Kingdom would like to express our solidarity and support for the Central European University (CEU), and at the same time our concern in connection with the legal changes pertaining to CEU’s situation in Hungary. We believe these legal changes violate the principle of research and educational freedom to which every institution and Hungarian citizen in Hungary has a right.

CEU is especially significant for we Hungarian youth studying at universities in the United Kingdom in that it provides secondary school students and university students the opportunity to participate in numerous research and other projects, organizes presentations of a high quality that are open to a wide audience, and offers competitive masters and doctoral training for Hungarian students completing their basic training in the Anglo-Saxon educational system, and in so doing creates a possibility to return home.  If this opportunity is lost, numerous Hungarian students currently studying abroad may decide not to return to Hungary, which in the long run would deprive our homeland of significant intellectual capital and Hungarian labor possessing competitive expert knowledge.

CEU represents such values in the life of Hungarian science which are unconditionally needed in order for Hungary to reach the level of Western European countries in terms of higher education, and for talented students to return home.  As students studying in the Anglo-Saxon educational system and familiar with the advantages it offers, we are worried if an international educational world class institution representing Angol-Saxon educational values which maintains a student community cannot continue its work in Hungary of 25 years.

For this reason, we respectfully urge that the government withdraw the draft law and start discussions with CEU, considering the damage that such a law might cause Hungary’s deserved scientific international reputation, as well as its relations with its European partners and the United States.


Hungarian university students studying in the United Kingdom, namely

Anda Viktória, University College London

Antal Orsolya, University College London

Antall Boglárka, University of Warwick

Bajnai Zsófia, University of St Andrews

Bajor Dániel, Arts University Bournemouth

Balázs Anikó, University of Exeter

Balázs Antal, University of Exeter

Balázs Boglárka, University College London

Balázs Eszter, University of Exeter

Balázs Hajnalka, University College London

Bánhalmi Bence, University of Cambridge

Bányai Péter, University of St. Andrews

Barabási Dominik, University of Warwick

Bardócz Napsugár, British Institute of Modern Music

Bartha Réka, University of Warwick

Bartha Tamas, University of St. Andrews

Bede Ábel , Durham University

Bencze Denisa, University College London

Berczi Benjámin, University College London

Berecz Kata, University of Exeter

Berkes Réka, University College London

Borbély Réka, Durham University

Borhegyi Veronika Nóra, University of Warwick

Borsi Zsófia, Durham University

Brandt Balázs Sean, University of Warwick

Bui Dieu Linh, University College London

Bui Quang Anh, King’s College London

Casale Gioia, University of Cambridge

Ciceu Iarina, University of Cambridge

Czucz Bálint, Loughborough University

Csányi Péter, University College London

Csenki Bianka, University of York

Csernik Gréta, University of Warwick

Dajka Daniel, Durham University

Dax Krisztina, Lancaster University

Demeter Ditta, University of Cambridge

Dénes Máté, King’s College London

Do Tú Vy, University College London

Dobrontei Zsuzsanna, Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr Horváth Klára, University of Oxford

Dr Osz Katalin, London School of Economics

Dudits Luca, University College London

Dürr Miklós, Durham University

Dzsacsovszki Virág , Durham University

Englert Franciska, University of Cambridge

Eorsi Nora, University of Sussex

Erdős Béla, University of Sheffield

Erdős Márton, University of Cambridge

Erdősi Eszter, University of Bristol

Erzse Ákos, University of Cambridge

Erzse Ágnes, Durham University

Fekete Marcell, University of Cambridge

Forman Ferenc, University of Cambridge

Földi Máté, University of Exeter

Fölsz Hanna, University of Durham

Francsics Györgyi, Kingston University London

Füleki Boglárka Panna, University of Bristol

Gatter Herta, University of Cambridge

Geiger Bálint, University of Warwick

Gorka Márton, University of Cambridge

Gömböcz Máté, University College London

Greskovits György, University College London

György Dávid, University College London

Ha Anh Vu, University College London

Halpern Bence Márk, Imperial College London

Hammer Zsigmond, University of Warwick

Harai Adél, Durham University

Harai Flóra, Durham University

Harsányi Rozália, University of St Andrews

Hegedűs Barnabás, University of Cambridge

Heil Péter, Oxford University

Herczeg József, University of Cambridge

Hoffer István, University College London

Horváth Eszter, University College London

Horváth Gergely, University of Cambridge

Horváth Henriett, University of St Andrews

Huczka Eszter, Durham University

Illás Tamás, Durham University

Kádár István, University of Cambridge

Jánosi Dávid, University of Bath

Janzer Olivér, University of Cambridge

Juhász Kristóf, University of Cambridge

Juhász Mátyás, University College London

Kabos Eszter, University of Cambridge

Kálmán Lili, University of Exeter

Kalmár Anna, University of Cambridge

Kapuvári András, University of Cambridge

Karig Fruzsi, University of Cambridge

Karvalits Annamária, Durham University

Katona Tamás, University College London

Kecskés Áron, University of Glasgow

Kékuti Laura Daniella, University College London

Keresztes Nóra Annamária, University of Warwick

Kerpel-Fronius Áron, University College London

Kertész Nóra, University of Cambridge

Király Dóra, University of Stirling

Kocsis Andrea, University of Cambridge

Kocsó Àbel, University of Exeter

Kohlhoffer Fanni, Durham University

Kovács Bence, University of Warwick

Kovács Dávid, University of Cambridge

Kovács Kinga, University of Exeter

Kovács Réka Ágnes, University of Oxford

Kőműves Kornél, Durham University

Kőnig Balázs, University College London

Kun Alexandra Lucia, University of Exeter

Kuráth Patrik, University of Cambridge

Ilona Lahdelma, Oxford

Lajkó Ágoston, University College London

László Dániel Áron, King’s College London

László Dávid, University of York

Lengyel Anna, Glasgow Caledonian University

Lesták Máté, Imperial College London

Lévai Júlia, University of York

Lewis Dániel, University of Warwick

Lissák Domonkos, School of Oriental and African Studies

Lóránd Ádám, University College London

Lóth Luca, University College London

Luu Hoang Kim Nganm, Imperial College London

Madarász Kristóf Csaba, University of Warwick

Magvasi Michelle, University of Warwick

Magyar Ágnes, University of Bath

Majoros Kristof, Durham University

Maros Botond, University of Manchester

Marosvari Tamás, University of Bath

Matrai Anna Zsofia, University of Warwick

Matusz Márk, Durham University

Matyasovszki Anna, Durham University

Medek Ákos, University of Cambridge

Merker Iván, University of Cambridge

Merkwart Szidónia, University College London

Mezei Fruzsina, Durham University

Molnár Anna, University of Warwick

Mórocz Márkó, University College London

Müllner Marcell, Lancaster University

Nádas Rita, University of Cambridge

Nagy Ágnes, University of Bath

Nagy Bence, University of Cambridge

Nagy Linda, University of Warwick

Nagy Mihály, University of Warwick

Nagy Róbert, University of Cambridge

Németh Viktória, University Of Manchester

Nguyen Hong Phuc, University College London

Nguyen Vinhquang David, University of Edinburgh

Nyilas Gergely, Durham University

Ofella Nikolett, University of Exeter

Palasik Róbert, University of Warwick

Palasik Zsófia, University of Oxford

Pálinkó Petra, University of St Andrews

Pandur Bálint Kadosa, Durham University

Pap Dóra, Courtauld Institute of Art

Pataki Rita, University of Cambridge

Paul Fruzsina, University of Warwick

Perlaki Eszter, Durham University

Péter Hella Eszter, University of St Andrews

Pfisztner Sára, University of Exeter

Pilz Olivér, Durham University

Plesz Orsolya, University of Manchester

Pogonyi Csaba, Imperial College London

Pohl Péter Mátyás, University College of London

Poór Patricia, University of Southampton

Pós Eszter Sarolta, University of Cambridge

Pribula Péter, University of Exeter

Price Márton Péter, University of Cambridge

Reinicke Tamás, University College London

Richard Dajka, University of Bath

Romek Nóra, Durham University

Rónai Eszter, University of Cambridge

Rossen Péter, Imperial College London

Sándor András, University College London

Schiller Patrik, Durham University

Sebestyén Gergely, University of Durham

Seress Anna, University of Warwick

Simon Péter, University of Cambridge

Singer Patrik, University of Warwick

Somogyi Flóra, University College London

Strausz Anna, University College London

Sükei Tamás, King’s College London

Szabó Attila, University of Cambridge

Szabo Balazs Adam, University of Warwick

Szabó Barnabás, University of Cambridge

Szabó Pál, University of Cambridge

Szász Zsombor, University of Exeter

Szebellédi Márton, University of Cambridge

Szegal Valeria, Manchester School of Architecture

Székely Áron, University of Cambridge

Székely Eszter, University of Cambridge

Szekey András, University of York

Szénási Kristóf, University of Westminster

Szép Kitti, University of York

Szépfalvi Bálint, University of Cambridge

Szerényi Dóra, University of Exeter

Sztanka-Tóth Tamás, University of Cambridge

Tálas Judit, University of Cambridge

Tamás Mihály, School of Oriental and African Studies

Tardos Jakab, University of Cambridge

Ternyik Bálint, Durham University

Teszler Sonja, King’s College London

Tóth Anna, University College London

Tóth Bori, University College London

Tóth Róbert, Imperial College London

Török Lajos Dániel, University of Cambridge

Török Mihaly, University of Warwick

Tran Duy An, Imperial College London

Sophie Tuckwood, University of Warwick

Túry Márton, University College London

Udvardi Péter, Imperial College London

Urszuly Petra, University College London

Valovics Nikolett, University of St Andrews

Vályogos Anna, University of Cambridge

Vámos Zsófia, Durham University

Varga Borbála, University of Glasgow

Varga Lili Ágnes, University of Exeter

Varga Peter, University College London

Varga Zsuzsa, University of Exeter

Varjú Dániel, University of Cambridge

Várkonyi Tamás, University of Warwick

Végső Tamás, University of Cambridge

Villànyi Janka , University of Exeter

Wang Dávid, Lancaster University

Weisz Ambrus, University of Cambridge

Zarándy Álmos, University of Cambridge

Zelles-Görgey András, University of St Andrews

Zilahi Tamás, University of Cambridge

Zöller Bálint, University College London