Hungarian tax authority officials fail to show up for work

October 27, 2014 awaited leading officials of the Hungarian Tax Authority (NAV) in front of their Budapest headquarters Monday morning, only to discover that the director as well as the deputy directors never arrived. The reporters were waiting until 9 am, local time, yet the parking spaces reserved for the head management of the state office remained completely empty.

RTL Klub TV earlier managed to catch NAV director Ildikó Vida at Vienna’s Schwechat Airport. Vida was travelling to an undisclosed location together with one of her deputy directors, Mrs. Dezső Csillag. They said to RTL that they are going “on a vacation” to rest after the many exhausting moments they had in last week’s Tax Authority scandal.

Two weeks ago the US Embassy in Budapest announced that it had temporarily suspended the right of several Hungarian state officials and businessmen to travel to the United States, based on presidential proclamation no. 7750 making it possible for the American government to deny entry by individuals engaging in “kleptocracy”. Hungarian press sources speculated that Ildikó Vida might be on that list together with one or more leading officials of Hungary’s Tax Authority.

On Monday, Hungary’s attorney general, Péter Polt, turned to his US counterpart, Eric C. Holder, as well as to Budapest Chargé d’Affaires M. André Goodfriend, requesting more information about the travel ban and how the situation could be remedied legally. Holder informed Polt that, in the case of the proclamation in question, no opportunity for legal remedy existed, as right now there is no criminal case initiated against the banned Hungarians.

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