Hungarian turkeys “talk turkey” with Turkey

February 24, 2015

turkey“Turkey’s future role has significantly increased with regard to the energy security of Central-Europe, considering Russia is going to deliver gas to Turkey that was originally designated for South Stream.  It is in Hungary’s interest that Russian gas reach Central Europe (blah, blah, blah, blah.)” – Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade

Hungary’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade (who may soon be out of a job according to an article appearing in yesterday), Peter Szijjártó, received Turkey’s Ministers for Economics and Foreign Affairs, Nihau Zeybekci and Mevlüt Cavusoglu, today in Budapest.

According to the three ministers, delivering Russian gas to Central Europe and the Western Balkans could result in numerous projects.  Turkey will play a key role in determining which projects are realized because Turkey will decide which countries to export the gas to (i.e. it’s not enough to kiss up to Russia, Hungary needs to kiss up to Turkey as well!-ed.).

(Why wouldn’t Turkey export the gas to the countries prepared to offer the best terms for it?-ed.)

The ministers also discussed economic and trade relations between Hungary and Turkey.  According to soon-to-be-ex-Foreign Minister Szijjarto, Hungarian exports to Turkey increased by 11.7 percent in 2014, amounting to some USD 2 billion.  Hungary’s Eximbank provided some USD 170 million in credits to small- and medium-sized companies engaged in foreign trade with Turkey.   Furthermore, the Hungarian-Turkish investment fund is scheduled to begin its activity in July 2015.

The ministers neglected to mention how much this was going to end up costing Hungarian taxpayers.

They also discussed the plight of some 1.6 million refugees in Turkey.  In the interest of “improving their lives”, the City Water Works is donating a mobile water purification plant to one of the refugee camps.

(Such generosity! But what are the other 1.59 million refugees to drink?  Let’s hope it’s not Red Bull lest they fly their way to Hungary and become enemies of the state in their capacity as refugees! –ed.)

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is scheduled to meet with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Wednesday.  The two are then scheduled to deliver a speech at a Turkish-Hungarian business forum.

(Instead of spouting his illiberal, unorthodox gobbledigook to a bunch of kebab shop owners, Hungary’s Prime Minister should be figuring out how to repair the trans-Atlantic relationship while averting a humanitarian catastrophe in Hungary!-ed.)