Hungarian writers sign petition protesting Népszabadság closure

October 10, 2016


373 Hungarian writers have signed a petition protesting the “brutal destruction” of 60-year-old left-wing newspaper Népszabadság.

“We, Hungarian writers, protest the vile and cowardly closure of Népszabadság.  We undertake solidarity with the paper’s journalists and every employee, who have been deprived of their work in a vile and cynical manner.

“Népszabadság was not only a political daily, but a cultural workshop of exceptional importance.  It was one of few print media products where poems, prose, criticism or even reason was given space.  For this reason the destruction of the paper is an irreplacable loss.

“We have no doubt what the intention of the unknown owner, who to this day continues to avoid the public, is with regard to the countryside newspapers also in its possession.  For entire parts of the country these newspapers are the only forum for local news.  We undertake solidarity for those employees as well who are terrified about the future of these newspapers.

“The brutal destruction of Népszabadság is not only a new step in the complete liquidation of press freedom, but the symbolic closure of a process that has been underway for many years.  Free Press!  Democracy!

“We support the protests (October 8th, 16:50 and October 9th 23:00)”